What Does Your Brand Say About Your Business?

Whether your business is starting up or is starting to feel long in the tooth, we help create strong brand statements through storytelling and visual identity.

Brand Consultation

No one is exactly like you

We communicate that through stellar branding – logo creation, mission development or revision, tagline, positioning, strategic marketing, look, feel, voice, messaging… in short, your story.

A strong visual identity

Your visual identity is the most conspicuous and ubiquitous expression of your brand. Your identity lives not just in your communications, but also in the hearts and minds of your customers.

Branding for Cheryl Strauss Einhorn

Cheryl is the founder of CSE Consulting and the author of the book Problem Solved, a Powerful System for Making Complex Decisions with Confidence & Conviction. Cheryl teaches as an adjunct professor at Columbia Business School and has won several journalism awards for her investigative stories.

Great brands represent something bigger than themselves. It may happen by accident, but you can create it on purpose if you try.

Seth Godin

Branding for Linda Creagan, PC

Linda is a Denver, Colorado-based attorney. We wanted to capture her confidence and experience in her brand while suggesting she isn’t like all the rest. Colorful and structured, her brand matches her playful nature which is supported by a strong foundation of knowledge.

Take the advantage

A clear brand helps you stay on track when the competition heats up. There is a huge competitive advantage in clearly communicating and presenting your brand in a compelling manner.

What does your brand really say about your business?

Rock-solid branding helps customers understand you, trust you, and pick you. But first, pick us. Give us a call to schedule a free, no-pressure, option-filled consultation, (303) 250-5239.