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Your Words Have Meaning

By March 7, 2014December 8th, 2014Uncategorized
words have meaning

Words have meaning. Think about your vocabulary for a minute. I’m not talking about those big fancy words you drop to sound important (hey, we all do it). I’m referring to your everyday words. Those words you use when you chat on the phone or greet the mailman.

Are they good words? Meaningful words? Do they have purpose?

Communication is essential in the business world. Without it, we would not have businesses. So think about how you communicate. Are your conversations awesome? Are they inspiring, uplifting and motivating?

Ask yourself this question…

Are you excited to chat with an old client who might be a small blip on your revenue radar, but a client you’ve had for 20 years nevertheless? Do you treat each and every client the same – with cheerfulness and respect?

Remember, your words have meaning. Be awesome. Let it shine.

Chris Kitzmiller

I help businesses become more profitable by sharing their story on every device to the audiences that matter. Have we connected yet? LinkedIn | Twitter