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Vintage Monster Movie Posters

By October 19, 2012December 10th, 2013Uncategorized

There is a pretty distinct contrast between today’s horror films and films from the past. It seemed to be a kinder, gentler genre back in the day. More suspense and less gore. The movie posters reflected the day and age as much as they illustrated the fantastical nature of renegade, flesh devouring creatures. Dracula, Frankenstein and The Blob pressed that primitive terror button within all of us; fear of the unknown. Here are some marvelously illustrated horror movie posters FROM BEYOND!

I’m guessing this little detail was not mentioned in the vows!

I didn’t think it were possible to have more respect for Steve McQueen. I was wrong.

Somebody get this mummy some moisturizer! Please!

That stare! Somebody’s a little Mr. Grumpy pants today aren’t they.

Why do you suppose this monster requires a helmet? I don’t think it could get any worse.

And she’s out of scented candles. BEWARE!

This could easily double as an antiperspirant advertisement! Tame the beast!

Go away. You’re just not my type!

Girls! Quite fighting over who gets to wear the passion red lipstick today.

What does that doctor think he’s going to accomplish with a corn dog?

Hey! It’s just a tension headache. Come back…

Welp, looks like they ain’t bitin’ today, Jack. Time to head home.

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