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Why Accounting Firm Websites Underperform

By July 25, 2018September 26th, 2019SEO, Business, Websites

After researching dozens of accounting firm websites and working directly with a number of them, I noticed a few common problems. The good news is, many of these common accounting firm website issues are overcome with a little planning and some know-how.

The even better news is, once you take care of these common website issues, you start to see huge boosts in performance, conversions,  and overall usefulness.

Let’s break down some of the most common issues with accounting firm websites.

  • There is no SSL Certificate for security
  • The site isn’t mobile-friendly
  • The site looks outdated
  • Contact info is hard to find
  • There is no blog or news section
  • The about page needs work
  • No on-page SEO

There is no SSL Certificate

I’m not sure about you, but when it comes to my financial information, security is the most important part. Most accounting firm websites have some kind of client portal allowing clients access to important documents or services. How secure is the portal?

When a website does not have an SSL Certificate installed, it not only sends a bad message (Google is now warning visitors) to visitors, but the information is not actually secure.

The website isn’t mobile-friendly

Having a mobile-friendly website is not an option anymore. Your accounting firm website must look good on a mobile device. Pull up your website on a mobile phone or take the Google mobile-friendly test. If your website fails the test, you need to make it mobile a priority.

The website looks outdated

Many of the websites I researched looked outdated. An old, outdated website leaves a bad impression on potential customers. If your site looks outdated, what does that say about your business? In an industry where tax laws change often, looking current and up to date is an important part of your brand. It may be time for a website redesign if it’s too far gone.

Contact information is hard to find

Nothing pains me more than to see a website with hard to find contact information. This is especially true for accounting firm websites. Contact information needs to be upfront and visible on every page. Phone numbers should be large and locations should always include a complete address and a map.

There is no blog or news section

Blogging is important for a number of reasons. For starters, having several recent blog posts demonstrates to potential customers that you are an active and alive business. It’s like putting fresh flowers outside of your retail shop every morning. Another important reason to blog is to demonstrate your authority on the subject of accounting and tax law. Last but not least, it boosts search engine results dramatically. When you are competing with other local tax firms online, having a strong search game will net you big results.

The about page needs work

Many of the accounting firm websites I worked with did have an about page, but they were lackluster. About pages are the best place for potential clients to get to know you. Good looking, professional photos are a must. Professionally written bios help tell your story and expertise. Other than the home page, the about page is the most important page on your accounting website.

No on-page SEO

Search engine optimization is really a long-term marketing strategy, but there are plenty of tactics you can implement in the short-term to improve search results. Every page must have several key elements to be Google-worthy; A strong headline, subheadings, be on topic, internal and external links, good sentence structure and good-looking images with “alt” tags. This is just the tip of the search iceberg, but these small improvements could have big results.

So how does your accounting firm website stack up? Chances are there is room for improvement, but as I mentioned earlier, there are a number of quick ways to make measurable changes to your website and your bottom line.

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