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Monthly WordPress Care Plan Report Now Included With Every Plan

By December 6, 2016April 18th, 2018Services, WordPress

I have some good news to share with our WordPress Care Plan subscribers. I wasn’t always satisfied with how we communicated the value of our WordPress Care Plan. In many ways, businesses never actually see what happens behind the scenes of their website. They just know it works and it’s there when they need it the most.

Believe me, there’s a lot going on that our clients don’t see.

And that’s a good thing really, and exactly the reason why busy professionals come to us to manage their WordPress website. Our plan keeps their investment in good working order, which is good for their bottom line.

What I’m really excited about is our new WordPress Care Plan report feature. It allows me to compile a ton of data about the site into an easy to read PDF report. This report is then emailed out once per month to our WordPress Care Plan subscribers.

Depending on the client’s preferences the WordPress Care Plan report provides the following information:

  • WordPress plugin and theme updates
  • Database optimization
  • Post revisions
  • Uptime
  • Sites sessions
  • Page views
  • Backups
  • PageSpeed analysis
  • SEO rankings
  • Google Analytics

I wanted to find a way to share this valuable data with our clients without flooding their inbox with alerts and emails about data they can’t understand. This monthly report is the perfect solution and provides them with just enough information to get the conversation started should they decide to inquire.

This is just the beginning.

I am hopeful that we can continue to bring even more value to our WordPress Care Plan. If you have any suggestions or would like to know more about our plan, take a look at all the features.

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